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If you are 18 years of age or over, we invite you to take the free Compass Adult Survey, a 13-minute quiz that will help you identify, understand, and strengthen the core abilities that help you thrive.

Whether you’re in college, working at a job, parenting, grandparenting, or living life without family nearby, you have the ability to grow and develop. In fact, research shows that humans can acquire new knowledge, cultivate self-awareness, innovate, and foster resilience right up until the end of our lives.

The personalized results from this research-based survey designed by psychologists will help you look at your strengths through a different lens. Upon completion, you’ll receive results showing the core abilities you use most and least often–and how to strengthen them.

If you are a mentor, parent, grandparent, or supportive adult in a child’s life, you’ll also receive insights on how to nurture these core strengths in young people.

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Surveys were created by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist, researcher, and fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University. Upon completion, each participant receives personalized scores, including guidance on how to interpret and apply the information. Individual data is always private and confidential. By participating, you also contribute to collective research in the fields of youth and adult development. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.