Group Surveys

Our surveys are available to schools, nonprofits, and researchers who would like to access the core abilities of The Compass Advantage framework in groups of children or adults. 

The Compass Surveys measure how often respondents engage empathy, curiosity, sociability, resilience, self-awareness, integrity, resourcefulness, and creativity in their daily lives. These attributes have been shown by research to contribute to success and thriving. They act together like an internal compass, helping people become the pilots of meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives. Learn more about our research.

Each survey-taker receives their own confidential results and helpful guide to interpret scores. The group organizer receives collective, anonymous group data only. During COVID, and until further notice, our group surveys are free.

For schools and school districts

The group Youth Survey provides data on each core ability by grade level; gender, and ethnicity that can be tracked as often as you want. You’ll see trends that may assist with curriculum development or enrichment activities for students.

For nonprofit youth development programs

We provide a similar report as we do for schools, with core abilities tracked by age, gender, and ethnicity. The group Youth Survey can be used as a pre and post-test assessment for students participating in service learning, after-school enrichment programs, etc. This data may assist organizations that wish to show developmental growth of young people’s internal strengths during their program participation. The data may also be beneficial for program evaluation and development.

For independent or academic researchers

We can work with you to achieve your research goals. Our customized reports can additionally track group adult and youth data by geographic location, type of school attended, highest level of education, role with youth (i.e. parent, teacher, coach, etc.), and ages of children under 18.

For organized groups of adults

The group Adult Survey provides data on each core ability, tracked by a variety of factors listed in the descriptions above. While our work focuses on K-12 youth development, we offer the Adult Survey to groups because of an interest from colleges, parenting groups, senior centers, and businesses who can benefit from the data provided. There are many potential uses for adults, from team-building to in-depth discussion of how core strengths impact career development, parenting, aging, etc.

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Additional Resources

Surveys were created by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist, researcher, and fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University. Upon completion, each participant receives personalized scores, including guidance on how to interpret and apply the information. Individual data is always private and confidential. By participating, you also contribute to collective research in the fields of youth and adult development. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.