The resources below support the The Compass Advantage framework for positive youth development. Some are designed to help you better understand the theory and research behind the compass. Most help parents, schools, and communities apply the framework in everyday life on behalf of children and teens. All resources that are free to download are licensed in the Creative Commons. You may wish to learn more about the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Tomorrow's Change Makers - 150X240
Tomorrow's Change Makers: Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation provides the original research that led to the development of The Compass Advantage framework. You'll read stories about young people who developed the compass abilities through volunteering and service learning, and through their relationships with parents, teachers, and mentors. Written for an audience of teachers, nonprofit leaders, parents, and anyone who cares about the development of future citizens. Learn More and Purchase
Reframing Success-SMReframing Success: Helping Children & Teens Grow from the Inside Out is a free eBook written for parents and teachers. It explains, in simple terms, why we must redefine success for our children and how societal notions of success are hurting today's youth. Introducing The Compass Advantage, it has been used widely by schools as "Book Club" reading to engage parents in discussions about raising healthy children and teens. Learn More and Download
Compass Advantage Graphic: Download a copy of the compass for use in posters and other materials for your family, school, or organization. Download Image

Series for Parents: Start reading a special series of articles for parents on how to use The Compass Advantage framework at home to foster abilities that help kids succeed in school and life. Start Here.

The Student Success Series for Educators is a series of nine articles originally published by Edutopia, the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Now updated with new research, each article shows ways to foster The Compass Advantage in the classroom. Read the Series

Series of Quotes for Kids: You can inspire children and teens to reflect on their own development by engaging them with quotes. We've collected 200 quotes to use at home and school that support The Compass Advantage framework. Start Here.
I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream is a free frame-ready-document that beautifully states what young people need to achieve their hopes and dreams. This statement of aspiration was co-written with teens from the Bainbridge Healthy Youth Alliance and it's content is supported by research in child and adolescent development. Learn More and Download.
Parenting Promise

My Parenting Promise is a free research-based, frame-ready document that states a parent's intention to support their child's healthy development. It is linked to a child's I Have a Dream statement and shows how The Compass Advantage is nurtured every day through parent-child relationships. Learn More and Download (Also available in Spanish)
Community Promise

Our Community Promise is a research-based, frame-ready document that states a community's intention to support youth and their healthy development through their words and actions. It is linked to young people's I Have a Dream statement and shows how The Compass Advantage is nurtured every day by schools, after-school programs, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses. Learn More and Download
Eight Pathways to Every Child's Success

Eight Pathways to Every Child's Success is a free handout and discussion guide created to help parents, educators, and community leaders discuss ways to help young people cultivate the abilities in The Compass Advantage. Download
Psychology Today

The Moment of Youth is a column at Psychology Today that shares stories, research, and insights about how teens develop into young adults who believe in themselves and their abilities to chart their own course through life. Written by Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, you'll find more than 70 articles for parents, teachers, and youth mentors. Read More