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Parent coaching can help families develop healthier relationships and emotional bonds that impact every aspect of a child’s development.

As founder of Roots of Action, I am honored to be able to reach several million parents and educators each year, helping them apply the research-based principles of positive youth development. This site contains a wealth of information for those who wish to nurture healthy, capable, and thriving children. We try to make information easy to access, with free articles and resources categorized under the eight core abilities of The Compass Advantage framework.

Yet sometimes, as a busy parent, it’s difficult to know where to start and how best to put the articles you read into practice. How do you create parenting habits that have the best chance of nourishing your child’s mind, body, heart and spirit?

Every family has special challenges. Forming new habits and parenting strategies takes time and practice.

Parent coaching can help.

Parent coaching is a step-by-step process that helps you learn strategies for fostering internal strengths in K-12 children like curiosity, sociability, resilience, self-awareness, integrity, resourcefulness, creativity, and empathy. These abilities have been shown through research to be at the core of what makes children successful in school and life.

When I work with you as a parent coach, I help you focus your parenting on internal outcomes for your children—the core abilities that drive success. You can learn more about the foundation of my parent coaching practice by reading Successful Kids Need 8 Core Abilities: How to Parent with Purpose.

Parent coaching always focuses on your family values—what you most want for your children. Together, we explore how to 1) focus on outcomes rather than problems; 2) create habits that stimulate growth and development in yourself and your children; and 3) create positive, lasting change through action.

Parent coaching is a commitment.

Parent coaching is a commitment for coach and parent.

As a developmental psychologist and researcher, I bring a three-fold commitment to each coaching relationship, to 1) use the best available knowledge in multi-disciplinary fields related to youth development; 2) integrate that knowledge with my own expertise; and 3) apply what I understand to each client’s situation.

As parents or guardians, you should be prepared to commit to improving your family dynamics through practice. There is an expectation that you will practice new strategies with your children between our parent coaching sessions and reflect on the impact of those strategies.

Parent coaching is accessible.

With the help of video conferencing, parent coaching is accessible today from the comfort of your home. I work with English-speaking parents, guardians, and grandparents via Zoom, a trusted video conferencing service that helps bridge time zones around the world with ease.

Get detailed information about my parent coaching services, fees, and how to book an appointment online. If you are a school or nonprofit, I also use video conferencing for coaching and consulting with organizations to impact positive youth development.

Marilyn Price-Mitchell

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD
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