Inside All Children are the Roots of Action

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Growing Roots of Action

Helping Kids Navigate Their Own Paths

The digital generation faces a new era of challenges that often bewilder adults. Yet, the ways children and teens grow and develop from the inside are more familiar than you might think.

Beyond the acquisition of academic, technological, and social media skills, the journey from kindergarten through college is a time when young people develop a system of interconnected strengths. Those strengths function like an internal compass, guiding them throughout their lives.

Whether or not adults fully understand the digital world or engage in social media like digital natives, they still play the main role in nurturing lifelong internal strengths and providing fertile environments for children to explore, learn, find purpose, and take action in the world.

At Roots of Action, you’ll find articles that bring research to practice for families, teachers, and community leaders invested in helping the digital generation achieve success and well-being.

Our goal is to help you foster roots of action in young people – inner abilities that help grow supportive families, innovative workers, engaged citizens, and ethical leaders.

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