How Families Develop Character in Children, by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

How Families Develop Character in Children

Parents and families play a key role in character development. Parents who create positive home learning environments know that communicating about academics and homework is important.  They also understand that family values get passed from one generation to the next.  But how we instill values and character strengths in kids […]

Why Character Counts, by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

Why Character Counts

It’s simple. Character counts because character increases well-being and leads to a life of fulfillment.  It is widely acknowledged that character  –not beauty, high test scores, or wealth – account for life satisfaction. So how do children develop character during their academic climb from kindergarten through high school? Educational goals […]

Fostering Initiative in Children and Teens, by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

Fostering Initiative in Children and Teens

Helping kids navigate their life journey with initiative, courage and optimism is part of raising healthy children. Alfred D. Souza made a great point:  “For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin.  But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to […]

Music Training Fosters Children's Success, by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

Music Training Fosters Children’s Success

Ah, the power of music training! I was reminded a few days ago when reading a ScienceDaily research article, Childhood Music Lessons May Provide Lifelong Boost in Brain Functioning, just how powerful music training can be in a child’s life. The article says music lessons can pay off for decades, […]

What is Positive Youth Development? by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

What is Positive Youth Development?

I believe families, schools, and communities share one goal.  We want our children to thrive. We wish for happy, healthy, and successful children who flourish as adults.  A straightforward goal; yet every parent and teacher understands its challenges. As a developmental psychologist and member of the International Positive Psychology Association […]

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